Steven Thomas Moore

Steven Moore is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan. He was born and raised Columbia, SC and received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Carolina in 2014. He is interested broadly in racial and ethnic politics, political behavior, media, and political psychology. More specifically, he's interested in the organization of racial attitudes in the mass public and how they shape and are shaped by various political phenomenon. He is completing a dissertation examining the relationship between race and paternalism in the mass public. Findings suggest that many Whites exhibit a racialized paternalism: though they do not harbor animosity toward out-groups, they still endorse discrimination against these groups.  Experimental evidence confirms that those highest in this disposition are more likely to support a takeover of a black local school board than a white local school board. He is also keenly interested in how other racial attitudes such as dehumanization can impact voting and support for policy and the way that media depictions of African Americans can alter this relationship. He's also interested in the way race shapes political attitudes and participation among marginalized groups.

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